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Erectile Dysfunction

What is erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is a common health problem worldwide that affects both men and women. Erectile dysfunction is often referred to as impotence or erectile dysfunction, and is actually the issue of achieving an erection or being able to sustain it long enough for satisfactory sexual intercourse. It is insufficient blood flow to the sexual organ caused by various psychological and physical factors. Many ED sufferers are afraid and ashamed to talk openly about this issue and to treat it because it is a very intimate and sensitive matter.

Male anatomy

Male anatomy [3]

What can cause impotence?

Erectile dysfunction can have various causes. In young people, it is mainly exhaustion, fatigue, or overwork – in other words, all psychological causes of any kind. Of course, physical factors can also be the reason for impotence: injuries, unwanted side effects of other medications and the like. In older men, the decisive role is also played by natural ageing and the associated weakening of the muscles; in women, it is the hormonal changes after the age of 45.

What are the causes of erectile dysfunction?

The endocrine system of the human body produces hormones that control major life functions: metabolism, sexual function, reproduction, mood and much more. One of the most common diseases that is one of the causes of erectile dysfunction is diabetes. Diabetes affects the body's ability to use hormonal insulin. As a side effect of diabetes, the nerves are damaged, which can impact the sensations in the sexual organ. Other complications that come hand in hand with diabetes include narrowed blood vessels and hormone levels. Both are part of erectile dysfunction causes.

Neurological and nerve disorders

Some neurological conditions are also counted among erectile dysfunction causes. The nerve conditions influence the ability of the brain to communicate with the reproductive system in the body, which inhibits the natural achievement of erection. The most common neurological disorders that can lead to erectile dysfunction are:

  • Alzheimer's disease
  • Parkinson's disease
  • Brain tumour or spinal tumour
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Stroke
  • Epilepsy of the temporal lobe

Men who have undergone prostate surgery or long-distance cyclists (as a result of repeated pressure on the sexual organ) may also suffer from nerve damage.

Other causes of erectile dysfunction affect the heart

Conditions impacting the heart and its blood-letting function are also often among erectile dysfunction causes. A man can never achieve an erection if the blood flow in the sexual organ is too low. Atherosclerosis is the name of the condition that causes clogging of the blood vessels. High cholesterol and high blood pressure are also very commonly associated with the development of erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunktion

Lifestyle factors and emotional disorders

When a man wants to achieve an erection, he has to go through the phase of arousal. This phase has an emotional basis, and therefore an emotional disturbance can also negatively affect the ability to achieve sexual arousal. For these reasons, depression, feelings of slenderness, sadness, anxiety, loss of hope or feelings of powerlessness are also among the fairly common causes of erectile dysfunction. Lifestyle can also have a significant impact on sexual performance. The consumption of addictive poisons and narcotics (alcohol, tobacco, drugs), little exercise and an unhealthy diet (the result of which is obesity) – these are all causes of erectile dysfunction. In these cases, however, the solution is always the simplest: a radical change in lifestyle, which will ultimately have a positive impact not only on sexual performance, but more generally on the whole state of health and on all aspects of our lives.

What are the symptoms of erectile dysfunction?

The most common signs of erectile dysfunction include changes in erectile strength based on sexual activity – for example, the ability to achieve erection and orgasm through masturbation, but not through sexual intercourse. It is quite possible that erectile dysfunction symptoms are not the result of physical effort, but rather of psychological disturbances. The psychological signs of erectile dysfunction manifest themselves in various ways:

Varied erectile strength – those men who are capable of erection but whose strength varies according to the sexual encounters. The quality of the erection, which is influenced by external circumstances, does not have to be a sign of an ED physical condition. This symptom may be caused by a psychological block.

Tomorrow's erection – a person who is capable of tomorrow's erection but has difficulty in achieving erection during sexual activity is most likely a victim of a psychological factor.

Temporary signs of erectile dysfunction – during one's life, a slight decrease in a man's sexual function is quite normal. All men, regardless of health and age, experience erection problems at some stage in their lives. Erectile dysfunction should only be considered if the frequency and severity of the periodic conditions increase. In this case, we recommend a visit to the doctor, who can help with the appropriate treatment.

Can erectile dysfunction be treated?

If we are striving for a permanent elimination of erectile dysfunction caused by psychological factors, the causes themselves must be eliminated first and foremost.

Exercise helps erectile dysfunction
If we are striving to permanently eliminate erectile dysfunction caused by psychological factors, the causes themselves must be eliminated first and foremost.

This can be achieved mainly by communicating and discussing the concerns and fears with the partner, and through various therapies, sports or by changing the lifestyle (reducing or eliminating the consumption of alcoholic beverages, stopping smoking, eating healthy food, or doing gymnastics regularly). In other cases, erectile dysfunction can be temporarily cured thanks to medicines based on the active ingredient sildenafil citrate. These medicines help widen the blood vessels in the sex organ, increasing blood flow. Adequate blood flow to the sex organs leads to erection when sexually stimulated. Erection-supporting drugs are nowadays also available in generic form – the same effect as the original brand-name drugs, but at a cheaper price. Our Kamagra Original e-shop also offers quality generic sexual enhancers. One of the most popular medicines is Kamagra, which is identical to the original and popular Viagra. Kamagra unfolds its effect during 4 to 6 hours and this medicine can be taken only as needed, which means that regular use is not necessary. Of course, you can also take Kamagra regularly, it is simply your choice. However, always read the package leaflet carefully and always stick to the recommendations regarding dosage so that you prevent the possible risks of unwanted side effects. You can shop reliably and safely in our e-shop.


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