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Erection problems

What are erection problems?

Erectile problems are common and unpleasant phenomena that appear most often in men over 40. The causes of these issues are of a physical (especially in older men) and psychological (in older but also younger men) character. These difficulties are also called impotence, potency problems or erectile dysfunction.

How does an erection happen?

When a man becomes sexually aroused, hormones, muscles, nerves, and blood vessels are activated. They all work together and this is how an erection is achieved. The brain sends nerve signals to the sexual organ, which stimulates the muscles to relax. This increases the blood flow in the tissues of the sexual organ. Once the blood fills the genitals, an erection occurs. The veins in the genitals close so that the erection lasts for some time. Erection problems mean that this process is disturbed at some stage.

What are the most common erection problems?

The potency problems with erection can be a result of physical or psychological phenomena (either short-term or permanent). The majority of men experience what is a temporary erection problem at least once in some stage of their lives. Erection problems in old age can also be caused by natural ageing, but it can also be the consequence of a wrong dietary habit that has lasted for years. One of the causes of erection problems in old age are simply the natural effects of ageing on the body and the weakening of the muscles. Structural changes occur in the sexual organ in relation to age, which cause the older muscles to function less reliably over a young body. With increasing age, the concentration of elastic fibres and smooth muscle fibres, which are most important for erection, decreases.

Erection problems

What are the causes of erection problems?

Male sexual arousal is made up of a set of processes involving the brain, hormones, emotions, nerves, muscles, and blood vessels. The causes of erection problems lie in the faulty functioning of any one of these processes. Similarly, stress and concerns about mental health can also lead to erection problems. Occasionally, a combination of the psychological and physical causes of erection problems can lead to the development of impotence.

The most common physical causes of erection problems are:

  • Heart disease,
  • atherosclerosis,
  • high cholesterol,
  • high blood pressure,
  • diabetes, obesity,
  • metabolic syndrome,
  • Parkinson's disease,
  • multiple sclerosis,
  • tobacco smoking (nicotine),
  • Peyronie's disease,
  • alcoholism,
  • use of addictive and toxic substances,
  • sleep disorders,
  • treatment for prostate cancer,
  • consequences of surgery or injury to the pelvis, or spinal cord,
  • as well as the side effects of some medications sold by prescription.

The brain plays a key role in activating the processes that cause erection, starting with the feeling of sexual arousal. However, these sexual feelings can be disturbed by plenty of external factors, which can lead to the development of erection problems. The psychological state of a person can also influence many other factors, and that is why the causes of erection problems can also have a psychological character.

Among others, the most common psychological causes of erection problems include:

  • Depression,
  • feelings of slenderness,
  • mental illness,
  • stress,
  • and problems in partner life.

The individual types of medications for erection problems

Oral medications – this type is the most common. There is a whole range of oral medications including pills, chewable and effervescent tablets, or jelly. The majority of these medications that can fix erection problems help the blood vessels in the sexual organ to expand, improving the blood flow. Generic medicines such as Kamagra, Sextreme, Tadalis, Dapoxy, Lovegra, Apcalis, Vikalis, Tadacip, Valif and Valetra also belong to this group. You can also buy all the above-mentioned generic medicines for erection problems in our e-shop. These medicines take effect relatively quickly, after about 30 minutes from use. However, the erection only comes after sexual stimulation. The recommended first dose of the medicine for first use is 25 mg, which is a quarter of a Kamagra pill. In numerous instances, this amount of the drug has been shown to be sufficient to achieve the desired result. If necessary, the dose can be increased gradually – 50 mg, 75 mg and finally 100 mg. However, the maximum daily dose during 24 hours must not exceed 100 mg. Failure to follow the correct dosage can lead to unwanted side effects, such as headaches, nausea, or even a temporary loss of vision. Any changes in health should be discussed with your doctor immediately. You should not take medicines for erectile dysfunction if you are also using other medicines containing nitrates, which are most commonly prescribed for angina pectoris. Any use of medicines that can help erectile dysfunction should be discussed with your doctor.

Injection therapy – it is an effective and reliable way to achieve erection, but for many this variant is unacceptable because the active substance is injected directly into the sexual organ before sexual intercourse.

MUSE (Medical Urethral System for Erection) – this method uses the drug which is applied into the urethra utilizing a one-time plastic applicator.

Vacuum pumps – the sexual organ is placed in a plastic cylinder, the air is consequently sucked out of the cylinder and thanks to the vacuum created, the sexual organ fills with blood.

Hormonal erection support – men can be given testosterone.

Penile implants – very often used in the past, but nowadays, with such a wide range of other options, this method is not so popular. It is a mechanical device that is surgically inserted into the male sexual organ.

Sexual therapy – since the cause of ED is typically psychological, counselling and sexual therapy is often sufficient. This is a granted cure without side effects. Men with ED also suffer from low self-esteem, sexual distrust and other emotional conditions when therapy can help safely, as it were.

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