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How does impotence arise?

Erectile dysfunction is also called impotence. Both names mean the inability to attain an erection. There are several different causes of impotence. The most common is the narrowing of the arteries. These unpleasant problems can occur in both young and old men. They are most common in men over 45 years of age. Then the active ingredient Vardenafil was added to the medication.

struktur vardenafil wirkstoff

Vardenafil active substance [1]

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What supports the expansion of arteries?

Vardenafil is a type 5 inhibitor (a so-called PDE5 inhibitor). By expanding the vessels, during sexual stimulation the blood supply to the male reproductive system is increased, resulting in a sufficient erection and satisfying sexual intercourse. Generic Vardenafil like Valif and Veletra contain Vardenafil. Our Kamagra Shop is the right place where you can order Vardenafil medication for potency at an affordable price.

Phosphodiesterase typ 5"

Phosphodiesterase-5 [2]


What should you know about taking these medications?

Vardenafil is not suitable in combination with certain medications and is therefore not suitable for men suffering from certain diseases. So you should consult your doctor about taking these medications. Your doctor should be informed if:

  • you have any penile injuries or deformations,
  • you have any circulatory or vascular diseases,
  • you are also taking some medications that contain nitrates (often they are medications to control chest pain), or if you are taking any medicine like amyl nitrate or butyl nitrate - nitrates can cause abnormally low pressure and Vardenafil may increase that risk,
  • you have previously suffered from some eye disease that could lead to loss of vision,
  • you have low pressure
  • you have been, or still are, suffering from a kidney or liver disease,
  • you are taking any medication for arterial pulmonary hypertension or chronic thrombo-embolic pulmonary hypertension,
  • you have ever suffered a heart attack or stroke,
  • you have stomach ulcers or anemia,
  • you ever had bone marrow cancer or leukemia,
  • you have ever noticed any allergic reactions to some medications.


wie man Frauen liebtWhat are the side effects of Vardenafil?

Every person is unique and so the medication can have different effects on each person. The most important factors that may be responsible for the incidence of Vardenafil’s side effects are: age, health and mental health, lifestyle, and the combination of Vardenafil with other drugs. Alcohol and other addictive substances are also not recommended.

4-hour erection

Based on these factors, Vardenafil can lead to the following side effects: mild headache, heartburn, irritated stomach, hot flushes, clogged nose, or nose flush, flu, other symptoms. All of these side effects of Vardenafil are mild and temporary. In exceptional cases, Vardenafil may also lead to more serious side effects, which should be reported immediately to your doctor. They are mainly: more than 4 hours of an erection, sudden loss of vision or other changes in vision (blurred vision, bluish vision, inability to recognize blue and green, light sensitivity), dizziness, sudden hearing loss, whistling in the ears, swelling (especially face, tongue, throat, lips, eyes, as well as limbs and ankles), hoarseness, difficulty in breathing and swallowing, fainting, hives and rashes. If you notice any of these symptoms or any other unnatural changes in your body related to Vardenafil, contact your doctor immediately.

Important information

It is well known that Vardenafil does not prevent pregnancy. It has no contraceptive effects. Vardenafil also does not protect against sexual diseases like HIV, hepatitis B, Syphilis and gonorrhea. Vardenafil is not an aphrodisiac, i.e. it does not increase the sex drive. You should consider using other protective means to address these issues.


Taking the Vardenafil active substance

If, besides erectile dysfunction problems, you are healthy, take Vardenafil exactly as described in the enclosed instructions for use. Vardenafil is sold in pil form (Valif 20 mg, Valetra 20 mg), or in gel form (Valif Oral jelly 20 mg). There are three types of medications containing the active substance Vardenafil, namely: Medications containing Vardenafil 5 mg, 10 mg or 20 mg per tablet. If you have not yet used any potency medication, we recommend starting with the lowest dose. You can adjust the dose individually depending on the effects. You should not take one Vardenafil tablet more than once every 24 hours. 

vardenafil Einnahme
You should always take Vardenafil before sexual activity and a maximum one tablet (sometimes, for example, half a dose, i.e. half a tablet) 25-60 minutes before sexual intercourse.


How long does the Vardenafil active ingredient work?

The medication is taken orally, swallowed down with a glass of fresh water.  Gels should be pushed out of the package onto a spoon, or directly into the mouth, and swallowed. You should always take Vardenafil before sexual activity and a maximum one tablet (sometimes, for example, half a dose, i.e. half a tablet) 25-60 minutes before sexual intercourse. Vardenafil only leads to the right effects due to sexual stimulation. Blood flow to the genital area will be enhanced, giving the user a long-lasting, high-quality erection. The effects usually last 4 to 5 hours. However, the duration is according to each person, sometimes even longer. 

Vardenafil and Alcohol

The active substance Vardenafil can be used either before or after a meal. However, if you eat food with high fat content, the effect may be delayed or weakened. Based on experience with Vardenafil, it is not recommended to consume alcohol, grapefruit or grapefruit juice while taking Vardenafil.

Consult a doctor

Although the experience of users with Vardenafil is very good and positive, you should always consult a doctor. Only general information about the medication is provided here. For more detailed and accurate information about the medication and what is best for you, contact your doctor.






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