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10 x Packs Dapoxy 60mg (D-force) (100 Pills)

10 x Packs Dapoxy 60mg (D-force) (100 Pills)

Price:89 €
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Product code:87971766117
Manufacturer:Zenit Pharmaceutical Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Dapoxy 60mg (D-force) with 60 mg Dapoxetine tablets packaged in a blister of 10 is used for the treatment of premature ejaculation by men.
Dapoxetine ensures that the substance serotonin is not again recorded by specific neurons in your brain. Specifies a temporary surplus of serotonin created making you less think about personal problems, not frustration and social contact improves. Thus, the chance of premature ejaculation is much smaller.Dapoxetine, the premature ejaculation from therefore most men by using this means more enjoy physical contact.
Active Substance: Dapoxetine 60mg
Functioning time: 4 - 6 Hours
Starts to work: 30 Minutes - take tablets by mouth
Flavour: Neutral


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